Obento Log ~お弁当の記録~

Since this August my elder daughter has gone to a new school. So I started making the lunch pack for her. Today’s post is the log of lunch pack, or Obento in Japanese. Along with hers, I have been preparing my packed lunch.


The below is the reason why I prepare the lunch packs for us, instead of canteen or food court.

The reason for lunch pack of my elder daughter:
Honestly, the school lunch meal is unhealthy but expensive. Basically it includes sandwich or something fried such as fried chicken or fried potato. I feel like Japanese school lunch is much better than this. So I decided to make it by myself.

The reason for lunch pack of me:
Clear all leftover food in our fridge!






Now I am facing an issue during my lunch time: a lot of my colleagues are strongly interested with Japanese style lunch pack and they want to see it (^^;).
The below is typical lunch pack which my colleagues eat:

  • Sandwich
  • Lunch pack for vegetarian and halal
  • Take away pack from food courts

The above items are basically very simple. So what happens is when I bring my lunch pack to the canteen and open my lunch wrapping cloth, they want to see my lunch.
I need to say how humble my lunch is. Whenever somebody comes and tries to see it, I feel embarrassed. I want to shout Kwaii Obento is only on Instagram and it doesn’t exist in real.



- サンドイッチ
- ハラル用、ベジタリアン用のランチパック
- テイクアウトした食事


The items are really nothing special: corn, egg, chicken, radish and potatoes. But some colleagues compliment me on it. They say “Wow, Japanese style is great. Each item is neatly packed”. Luckily they don’t know the real Kawaii Obento on Instagram and how many beautiful pictures are uploaded on internet. Hope they don’t compare mine with it.

中身は全く大したことがないのですが、形式(お弁当箱とお弁当包み)が日本風だからなのか「わあ、ちゃんと詰めてある!Japanese Style素敵だね」と言ってくれる人も。彼らがインスタの美しいお弁当の数々を目にすることがないようにと祈るばかりです。


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